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A decision made together with God

Some situations are not clear-cut at all, and not all abortions are carried out for “selfish” reasons. Here it is completely necessary to have a personal connection with God. This means being fully tuned to God’s will and directions, even if they go against one’s own will and reasoning – and based on that, be responsible for one’s own decision. All that is done must be done by faith – faith in and obedience to the Almighty God, the giver and taker of life, the righteous Judge, who has an unfathomable love and care for each individual and a divine purpose for each life – for the mother, the unborn child and any others involved. Any decision made together with God is a matter between those concerned and God, and here other people cannot pass judgment.

So what is a Christian view on abortion? Christianity is based on faith in the Almighty God, and in His creating power, both in natural and in spiritual things. The Bible, being the Word of God, is the basis for how we conduct our lives. Our trust is in God, the Almighty Creator, who knows all things – also the lives of those yet unborn. We, His creation, are called to live before Him in reverence and awe, with full, unwavering faith in His boundless love, goodness and wisdom. Any decision made with God brings rest and peace. We believe that many lives would have been spared if God had been sought before these decisions were made.


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Wait! My Daddy has sent me to you so that you can train me, teach me, care for me in this world, and love me. He has put that trust in YOU, you don’t have to be afraid or worry mommy, everything you need to know is there, inside of you. It is a journey getting to you. I am a seed that Daddy has knitted together and put inside your womb, close to your heart, to be nurtured by you. The one who made me is giving me, as a gift, to you. I want to build a relationship with you. I can hardly wait to show you how much I love you and want to make a life with you. In a very short time, I will see you and you me. How wonderful that will be. I’m so glad He chose you for me.


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